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Open Source

Our core software is open source. You are free to fork, explore, and contribute to making modern digital procedures as functional as you can dare to imagine.

Welcoming Community

Working with procedures is a community-driven experience. We make procedures to share knowledge. We execute procedures to coordinate together. Buildonomy is a respectful platform that welcomes everyone’s constructive contribution.

Local Action, Global Impact

The power of procedures is how they bridge the gap between action and information. You can share specialized knowledge just by creating or updating procedure. You can unlock new skills and possibilities by acting through a procedure.

# In an Attention Economy, You Need an Attention Budget

In a world inundated with ever more aggressive lures for our attention, wouldn't it be nice if technology helped us on the path to who we want to become instead of helping transform us into another advertising audience to exploit? Buildonomy flips the script on what an app offers. Instead of pulling your attention away from what’s real and actionable, it helps you cut out the noise and focus on what is in your power to control.

App mockup expressing Buildonomy design principles.
Buildonomy understands that attention is your most precious resource. The app is designed to ensure your focus returns to the intersection of the present moment and your core values.

# We Believe Action and Information Need to be Reacquainted

Our mission is to bring an old medium into the twenty first century, the procedure. Whereas paper procedures are cumbersome and draining, digital procedures offer the potential to deeply connect us to what’s important and actionable within our unique, ever changing lives.

Buildonomy represents a new kind of medium for representing the human experience. It’s not a knowledge graph, it’s not a social network, it’s not a task manager. Buildonomy augments your awareness of who it is to be you by helping you navigate who you’ve been, who you are, and who you plan to become. Buildonomy is for all the identities that make you who you are. Your career, your family, your hobbies. You only live each moment once. Buildonomy helps you grasp the potential of each one.

# Family Function

Family has always been our first and most important support network, but modern families are struggling to stay happy, healthy, and strong. At Buildonomy, we believe our technology helps ensure your organization, however big or small, is truly responsive to the needs of the people it serves. It’s only natural that we begin our journey by focusing on helping the foundational organization, our families.

Even in the best of times, families are faced with a daunting set of challenges. Our lifestyles, expectations, and support networks are evolving and often conflict with one another. It used to be that you learned how to live “the good life” from how you were raised. But how often is that true anymore? Do you completely trust your parent's advice on how to raise kids today? The needs and expectations of living well today are much different than they were even ten years ago. Where can we turn to for reliable family support? Many of us are spread thin, both in terms of our schedules and the distance between us and our relatives. Too often as a parent we feel like we are taking on our family’s problems all by ourselves, leaving little time for healthy personal or family growth.

Buildonomy offers a set of tools to help ensure we can each increase our potential for self-actualization through working together. When we work well together, we differentiate our roles based on our personal needs and the group’s needs. When we work well together, we balance and support the group’s priorities versus our own. Healthy groups create positive sum relationships where both the group and the personal growth is possible, not one or the other.

Our initial focus is to create a welcoming community for families, both young and old, to share knowledge and support one another through unleashing the power of digital procedures. We believe this format can create a low-friction method of learning, teaching, and coordinating within your family as well as with a global family of fellow practitioners. Together we can discover the best version of what it means to be family in the twenty first century.